Our standards

Our purpose is to ‘Empower business and unlock potential’. This means acting in an ethical manner and treating people well through our business activities.

On this page you will find our published policies relating to how the Sirius business operates. If you want more information about how the Sirius Real Estate Board operates, please refer to our Governance page.


Sustainability Policy

Sirius is committed to operating in a sustainable and economically responsible way and sets out its policy to achieve that through governance, social and environmental policies.


Modern Slavery Statement

Modern slavery is a repugnant practice which affects all societies. Our Statement describes the measures we take to address the potential exploitation of vulnerable workers.


Anti-Bribery and Corruption Statement

The ABC Statement affirms our commitment to upholding laws relevant to countering bribery and corruption conduct in all its forms.


Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Sirius values diversity and inclusion and sets out its zero tolerance policy against discrimination and unequal treatment, as set out in the policy above.


Supplier Code Of Conduct

Sirius is committed to operating to very high standards of integrity, reliability and responsibility. Sirius expects its suppliers, as business partners, to comply with those same standards as set out in the Sirius Code of Conduct.


Health & Wellbeing Policy

Sirius sets out its responsibilities for the health & wellbeing of its employees at work by creating a safe place to work. The health & wellbeing policy sets out arrangements for consulting the Company Doctor as well as the encouragement of positive mental health and of work-life balance.


Whistleblowing Policy

Sirius is committed to the highest standards of business integrity. The Sirius policy and procedures for employees and third parties to report suspected wrongdoing and the protection available to them is attached.

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