Sirius specialises in the ownership, development and operations of business parks throughout Germany. What makes Sirius different is its best-in-class operating platform and intensive asset management programme. Combining the Sirius property portfolio together with our unique operating platform gives us a range of advantages in the market which enable the delivery of strong and consistent returns for shareholders.

Sirius harnesses its in-house asset and property management platform through a stringent acquisitions process. This is followed by an intensive capital investment and asset management plan which focuses on transforming vacant and sub-optimal space into high-quality conventional and flexible workspace.

Our Platform:

The Sirius operating platform offers a number of benefits including, direct sourcing of new asset acquisition opportunities, reduced reliance on commercial agents and local brokers, higher cost recovery, greater lead generation and more efficient new tenant acquisition, increased optionality in terms of space configuration as well as enhanced control, focus and speed in developing space. Taken as a whole this means lower risk and higher returns.




Capital Efficiency
Sirius grows its portfolio with accretive acquisitions which have been funded historically through new equity, refinancing or disposal of mature and non-core assets.
Access to a Favourable Market
The Germany economy and SME markets remains the strongest in Europe. This means demand for conventional space and flexible space continues to be high.

Our employees have deep experience and wide-ranging skills with a track record of identifying, selecting and negotiating asset acquisitions and disposals. Additionally, the Sirius team develops and manages the entire Sirius portfolio and has extensive experience in property management.   

Strong Management Capabilities

Led by a highly experienced senior management team, with a strong track record of delivery as well as extensive experience in the German property market, the Sirius team leverages its insight and relationships to access and realise wide ranging investment opportunities throughout Germany.



We enhance rental and capital value through active portfolio management, which can be split into four key stages:

We seek out underutilised, multi-tenanted, mixed-use properties we can transform into higher yielding workspaces.
We convert properties into improved, more efficient, higher yielding, flexible workspaces. Additionally, our active ongoing programme reconfigures and upgrades existing spaces.
We seek to maximise the value of our assets with an active and ongoing asset management programme with the majority of functions performed internally.
We sell off mature and non-core assets and use the proceeds to purchase core assets with higher value-add opportunity.


Our Assets

When assets have been fully transformed some are held for their stable income and some are recycled into opportunistic assets with value-add potential. The type of asset that we acquire and develop to unlock potential can be divided into three categories:

1-Traditional industrial business parks
2-Modern mixed-use business parks
3-Out of town office buildings

      Our Portfolio

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    Traditional industrial business parks

    Typically large production sites built many years ago by owner/occupiers and developed for their specific needs.

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    Modern mixed-use business parks

    Typically higher quality office, service and warehouse properties built for multi-tenants in the 1980s and 1990s.

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    Office buildings

    Typically good quality office buildings in secondary or tertiary locations near the big seven major office markets in Germany.

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