• €90.3m Total annualised rent roll
  • €110.8m Profit before tax
  • 1.80c per share Final dividend
  • €55.7m Funds from Operations
  • €5.43c EPRA earnings
  • 13.1% Total shareholder accounting return

Profit growth and increased dividend

  • Profit before tax decreased by 23.4% to €110.8m (March 2019: €144.7m)
  • Funds from operations grew by 15.1% to €55.7m (March 2019: €48.4m)
  • Final dividend increased by 4.0% to 1.80c

Valuation growth

  • Like for like total valuation increased by  €96.3m
  • Total portfolio book value €1,186.2m
  • Increase in EPRA NAV per share of 7.8% to 80.62c

Rental growth

  • Like for like annualised rent roll increase of 6.1%
  • Total occupancy 85%

Asset recycling and new ventures

  • €178.1m of mature assets sold at EPRA NIY of 5.7% including the completion of the Titanium venture with AXA Investment Managers - Real Assets
  • €120.0m of acquisitions completed at EPRA NIY of 5.7% & 26% vacancy


  • Agreed three facilities amounting to €171.9m including first unsecured facility for €50.0m
  • Average cost of debt reduced to 1.5% from 2.0%
  • 3.6 Yrs Weighted average debt expiry
  • 11.0x Interest cover from NOI

Balance Sheet

  • €129.7m of free cash and undrawn facilities available
  • Net LTV of 32.8%
  • 12 unencumbered assets with a book value of €118.5m



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