Sirius generates double digit shareholder return from a mixture of dividend distribution and capital growth.

Our policy is to distribute 65% of funds from operations and reinvest the remaining 35% as capital to refurbish space. This reinvested capital generates 40% return on investment which in turn drives further capital growth.

  • Intensive asset management
    • Develop space – structural vacancy
    • Increase occupancy & rate
    • Improve service charge recovery
  • Fully integrated operating platform including 250 employees
  • Tax efficient structure

  • Acquire assets at 7% EPRA NET initial yield

  • 3 Year Geared IRR‘s of >25% (DOUBLE EQUITY IN 3-5 YEARS)

  • Variations
    • High occupancy stable assets with strong income covenants
    • Low occupancy opportunistic assets with value creation potential
  • Finance acquisitions up to 50% LTV with long term, low interest debt and blend them with unencumbered assets to maintain overall group LTV at 40 % or less.

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