We continue to look for ways through which we can encourage sustainability and reduce our environmental impact and footprint. As a major property owner across Germany, we recognise our own responsibility to contribute towards global efforts to address climate change, and to minimise the impact the Company’s operations have on the environment around us.


We are committed to playing our part in responding to climate change. We source over 86% of the Company’s energy from renewable sources, and renewable energy is supplied to 91.55% of our portfolio. Our Mannheim II business park is a good example of what is possible. Mannheim operates with 100% renewable energy and is a great example of what we can achieve together with our tenants when both parties focus on sustainability.

Our sustainable strategy of maintaining and refurbishing existing buildings means that we can help minimise urban sprawl and contribute to protecting undeveloped land. By recycling existing properties, Sirius conserves resources and minimises the use of materials and energy required to construct new properties.

We understand that climate change cannot be solved by one group alone. That is why we are working closely with a variety of partners, including local and national government, tenants, and communities in which we operate. We aim to equip our tenants with the ability to monitor and manage their energy consumption and have continued to make progress by installing meters to allow them to do this across all sites. This allows tenants to actively measure and identify where efficiencies can be found.

Ultimately, we believe that business and environmental interests are aligned when it comes to climate change. A sustainable real estate sector delivers value for clients, shareholders, and helps protect the planet, and integrating sustainability into our business delivers better long-term value for our shareholders.

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