Empowering Business, Unlocking Potential

Our purpose is to create and manage optimal workspaces that empower businesses to grow, evolve and thrive. We seek to unlock the potential of our people, our properties and the communities in which we operate so that, together, we can create sustainable impact and long-term financial and social value.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are humility, integrity, adaptability, and industriousness. They were identified through a programme of collaboration across the business. We believe they personify the qualities that have shaped the success of our business in recent years. Collectively, they define what is important to us and crystallise the way we expect our people to behave. Ultimately, our Values exist to guide our decision-making and to help us drive towards our Purpose.

Our Culture

We believe that a strong culture is built by creating an environment where every one of our stakeholders – be they employees, tenants or members of the communities in which we operate – feels supported, rewarded and that their views are taken into consideration. This deepens collaboration and encourages innovation among our team, allowing us to build strong partnerships both across the business and with our tenants, suppliers and communities, that are underpinned by trust and reliability.

We encourage a culture that is open, communicative, inviting, and that recognises and incorporates individual talents and ideas. This encourages connection amongst colleagues and empowerment, inspiring every colleague and their productive potential. Our Purpose and Core Values provide clear direction and outline the expected behaviours for our employees to follow, and together they help ensure that our positive culture runs through everything we do.

For more detail on employee wellbeing and engagement, our work with local communities, and our commitment to diversity and inclusion please see our People page.

For details on our policies relating to modern slavery, anti-bribery and corruption, our diversity and inclusion policy and our Code of Conduct please see our Policies page.