A strong culture is built by creating an environment where every employee feels supported, cared for and rewarded. This deepens collaboration and encourages innovation allowing us to build strong partnerships underpinned by trust and reliability. Our culture runs through everything that we do.



Sirius is proud to be a signatory of the German Charter of Diversity, which means we are committed to promoting diversity in the workplace. Whilst it is easy to sign a Charter, the leadership team at Sirius has an unwavering commitment to delivering the aims of the initiative and creating a work environment free of biases – regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, physical ability, age, sexual orientation or identity.

We are proud to have a gender balanced workforce (50% women and 50% men) and a third of our managers are now female. We also celebrate that we are a truly global workforce, with our employees coming from all over the world – 32 different countries at the last count. Above all, we are committed to providing an inclusive workplace for all our employees, whomever they are. 

Ownership & Participation

We want everyone who works for Sirius to feel a real sense of ownership in the company and its peformance. We have a higher level of employees owning Sirius shares than is typical of a public company. Over 100 of our shareholders are employees, this is partly due to a decision taken by three of our Managing Directors to sacrifice a portion of their own share awards to provide 70 employees with shares. The Senior Management Team are committed to increasing the proportion of the Sirius workforce that hold shares in the future.


We invest in our people through a series of training and education initiatives. The Sirius Academy internal training programme offers training across a range of areas including communication skills, finance, property and facility management, people management and leadership development. Since 2016 over 400 members of our staff have taken part in over 40 different courses.


A business is only as healthy as its workforce. That’s why at Sirius we support initiatives that improve health and wellbeing. We host regular team sports and other wellbeing events throughout the year including running, football and yoga and each year staff participate in the Berlin half Marathon. In addition to people’s physical wellbeing we also offer German and English language lessons to help our employees integrate with others across our workforce. Last year our employees took over 350 hours of language lessons across our locations throughout Germany.

Offering Support

Our business sits at the heart of communities across Germany and our business parks act as a vital hub for growth and employment. We also support charities and community initiatives that matter to our people and the communities they live in. We put personal causes and experiences at the heart of the charity and community work we do and contribute to.

In the past year our employees voted to focus on three charities – cancer charity Deutsche Krebhilfe, children’s charity Kinderhilfe and animal shelter Tierheim. All money raised for these charities was then doubled as a result of personal contributions made by the Directors of Sirius Facilities.


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