Our Board is committed to the appropriate standards of corporate governance and it has adopted processes and policies to seek to ensure a sound framework for the control and management of the business.

Board of Directors

Sirius is led and controlled by a Board of Directors, which is collectively responsible for the long-term success of the company. The Board believes it has an appropriate balance of skills and experience.

The Chairman of the Board is independent and is appointed in accordance with the Company’s Articles of Incorporation.

The Board has appointed an Audit Committee, a Nomination Committee, a Remuneration Committee and a Social & Ethics Committee which consider issues relevant to their specific terms of reference.

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Audit Committee

The primary function of the Audit Committee is to oversee and keep under review the Company’s audit and financial functions and its risk management procedures, and to ensure the integrity of its annual and interim financial statements.

Audit Committee terms of reference


Remuneration Committee

The primary function of the Remuneration Committee is to consider the remuneration and associated benefits of the executive directors of the Company and the senior management of the Group.

Remuneration Committee terms of reference


Nomination Committee

The role of the Nomination Committee is to consider and make recommendations to the Board on its composition so as to maintain an appropriate balance of skills and knowledge, relevant experience, independence and diversity, including gender, and to ensure adequate succession planning for the Board.

Nomination Committee terms of reference

Social & Ethics Committee

The Social & Ethics Committee’s role is to oversee the Company’s compliance with its obligations under the King IV Code of Corporate Governance and to facilitate appropriate attention to the soft, but critical, dimensions of how the Company does business, specifically its value system surrounding ethical standards and social responsibility.

Social & Ethics Committee terms of reference

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy