Our Board is committed to the appropriate standards of corporate governance and it has adopted processes and policies to seek to ensure a sound framework for the control and management of the business.

UK Corporate Governance Code and Market Abuse Regulation

Following UK Admission, the Board complies with the requirements of the UK Corporate Governance Code published in September 2014 by the Financial Reporting Council (“UK Corporate Governance Code”) as it relates to “smaller companies” (companies which are outside the FTSE350 throughout the year immediately prior to the reporting year) with the exception of the requirement for an internal audit function as explained in more detail below. We are not subject to the Code of Corporate Governance in Guernsey. We will report to our shareholders on our compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code in accordance with the Listing Rules.

The Board has established an Audit Committee, a Nomination Committee and a Remuneration Committee. In light of UK Admission, the Board intends to continue to review the terms of reference for each committee. If the need should arise, the Board may set up additional committees.

We have adopted policies and procedures to comply with the Market Abuse Regulation, including the establishment of a Disclosure Committee and a code of securities dealings in relation to the Ordinary Shares. We intend the code to apply to the Directors and other relevant Sirius employees.

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