1.Tell me about Sirius and the work you do

I work in Inbound Sales. We are the first point of contact for any new clients. My day-to-day role consists of helping new clients find the right product for their needs, but also coordinating appointments and dealing with any client concerns.


2.How long have you worked at Sirius, what brought you here?

I have worked for Sirius since 2010. I previously worked in the hotel industry, but after 10 years in hospitality I was ready for something new and that’s why I applied for the receptionist role with Sirius.


3.How would you describe the team culture?

It’s a collaborative culture. We all work closely together, supporting each other and trusting each other so we as individuals, and the company, can keep progressing.


4.What opportunities have you had at Sirius?

I began working at the reception desk, but after a short time I had the opportunity to move into inbound sales. It has been a pleasure to lead the team for over five years now.


5.What’s the best thing about working at Sirius?

For many people, inbound sales can sound a bit dull. But it isn’t. Every customer has their specific concerns. This gives so much opportunity for creativity, sensitivity and provides some funny moments too. Every phone call is different. 

6.If you had to sum up working at Sirius in three words what would you say?

  • Lively
  • Unique
  • Colourful