1. Tell me about Sirius and the work you do

As the online marketing manager at Sirius, I look after three of our websites, including the corporate website. This is a big responsibility. Our websites are our online business card and our first point of contact with potential customers. 


2.How long have you worked at Sirius, what brought you here?

I started working at Sirius more than five years ago. After finishing my degree at the university in Milan, I decided that I wanted to learn a new language and I opted for German. After two months in Berlin I wanted to live there, and I started sending out some CVs. I got an email back from the Sirius team. I still remember what I was doing when I read it and immediately had a good feeling! And I was right!


3.How would you describe the team culture?

It’s a communicative and collaborative culture which is focused on excellence. We have great leaders at Sirius with lots of different skills. Together we are all are focused on continuing to make Sirius even better.


4.What opportunities have you had at Sirius?

When I started working at Sirius, I was an intern. From day one I was given the chance to get ‘stuck in’ and take on some responsibility. After three months I was hired as a permanent full-time marketing specialist. Then, after two years, I was promoted to project manager, and now it has been over a year since I started as the online marketing manager. Not to mention I was also made a shareholder.


5.What’s the best thing about working at Sirius?

Sirius isn’t just a fulfilling job and a great place to work, it’s somewhere where if you grasp opportunities you’ve been given you are rewarded. 


6.What are some of the challenges you’ve faced, and how have you overcome them?

When I started at Sirius, I had only been learning German for three months. It wasn’t always easy for me to communicate and to fully express myself. But each one of my colleagues helped me out, taught me new words and expressions. I still have some way to go but I’ve learnt so much at Sirius.


7.If you had to sum up working at Sirius in three words what would you say?

  • Unique
  • Challenging
  • Exciting