1. Tell me about Sirius and the work you do

I work as the Head of Development and have done so for several years now. The role covers a variety of areas, from carrying out technical and environmental due diligence when purchasing new properties, to strategic Capex-investment planning, as well as planning, implementing, managing, and reporting of construction projects within our portfolio. We oversee anywhere between 250 and 300 renovation projects and touch over 100,000 sqm per year.


2. How long have you worked at Sirius, what brought you here?

I’ve been here over 11 years and I remember my first day as a Project Manager like it was yesterday. The company was a tiny start up but I quickly realised that I had made a good decision to opt for Sirius. Right from the beginning I could see Sirius wanted to do things differently. We wanted to integrate the real estate management process across acquisition, development, marketing and operations – which was bold for a relatively small company.


3. How would you describe the team culture?

At Sirius we have an opportunity culture. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from – everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed. I have lots of colleagues whose careers have flourished at Sirius, they often started out in administrative roles and now hold very senior management positions. At Sirius everyone has opportunity. 


4. What opportunities have you had at Sirius?

I started my career at Sirius as a project manager and now I am head of development. I‘ve had the privilege of working alongside a team who are the best in the business and who I am constantly learning from. Along the way there have been challenges and mistakes but these have always been seen as opportunities to learn and grow. Personal development is prioritised at Sirius and that brings opportunities to develop your career and become a leader.


5. What’s the best thing about working at Sirius?

There are two things. It’s like being part of a family and secondly there’s an abundance of opportunity for development. We have a culture of trust. If something goes wrong that’s fine, we see it as an opportunity to develop and do something better. There’s no blame game hence we all know that to improve and innovate you have to tread new ground and try new techniques and approaches and sometimes those things don’t always work out.


6. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced, and how have you overcome them?

I’ve had to learn new skills as my role has changed and expanded. I had little experience in technical and environmental due diligence, so had to upskill and learn quickly. This now forms a vital part of our internal decision-making process.

Another challenge is the sheer variety of characters at Sirius. Everyone has their own perspective and view. Communication is key to keeping a project on track and the sales, operations and development teams have to work very closely together. Cross-team communication is something we continue to work on as it is so crucial to a successful project outcome.


7. If you had to sum up working at Sirius in three words what would you say?

  • Valued 
  • Worthwhile
  • Flux