A strong culture is built by creating an environment where every employee feels supported, cared for and rewarded. This deepens collaboration and encourages innovation allowing us to build strong partnerships underpinned by trust and reliability. Our culture runs through everything that we do. 

Culture and Policies

Every employee undertakes training in understanding diversity and adhering to the Sirius code of conduct, which explains the expectations of everyone working for the Group in terms of the responsibility to each other and to our business partners and stakeholders. Additionally, the Board approved policies relating to modern slavery, and anti-bribery and corruption on 30 March 2020. For more detail on our policies, please see our Policies Page.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to providing an inclusive environment for all colleagues, and continue to encourage diversity throughout the Group. As signatories to the German Charter of Diversity we pride ourselves on the fact we have created a culture of inclusion across all levels and departments across the business. In line with the Charter, we ensure all colleagues undertake basic training relating to equal rights in the workplace (Allgemeines Gleichstellungsgesetz) and to take steps to ensure this culture transcends all colleagues, as well as the providers of services to our business parks.
Diversity at Sirius refers to the fact we employ a workforce comprised of individuals of varying gender, religion, race, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, education and other attributes. We now have a broadly gender-balanced workforce of 51% women and 49% men, with every third manager being female, and a workforce comprising 24 nationalities with an age range from 19 to 62 years of age.

We encourage a culture that is open, communicative, inviting, and that recognises and incorporates individual talents and ideas, encouraging connection amongst colleagues, empowerment, inspiring every colleague and their productive potential. Diversity increases the improvement of decision-making abilities and we believe that the diversity of our workforce can create many problem-solving options upon which decisions can be made quickly and concisely.

The current generation of colleagues seek more than a 9-to-5 job that pays well. They’re looking for a space where they can grow, feel accepted and included and be challenged. As we embrace diversity, we believe this attracts a wider range of candidates who are looking for a progressive place to work therefore we are set to attract the best talent. We believe a heterogeneous group of colleagues will contribute unique perspectives that can lead to breakthroughs in thought and we actively encourage the diverse opinions and thoughts of our workforce.




For more detail on training and development, employee wellbeing and engagement, and our work with local communities, please see our People page.

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