JSE 970c

Our strategy

Sirius’ core strategy is the acquisition of business parks at attractive yields, the integration of these into its network of sites under the Company’s brand, and the reconfiguration and update of existing and vacant space to appeal to the local market, through intensive asset management and investment.

The Group aims to deliver attractive returns to Shareholders by increasing rental income and improving capital values. Once sites are mature and attracting significantly higher valuations than the investment cost, the Group may seek to dispose of sites in order to recycle equity from mature assets into more opportunistic assets which have the potential to make higher returns going forward.

We have the following priorities in place to achieve this aim:

  1. Organic Growth
    • Extensive capex programme to generate around 40% ROI
    • Further conversion to Sirius high yielding products
    • Continued development of innovative new product solutions
    • Further rental growth from existing tenants and churn
    • Further improvements in service charge irrecoverables
    • Increasing occupancy levels
  2. Property Acquisitions
    • Initial geared cash on attractive cash yields
    • Further value-adding potential
    • Acquisition of operating and management agreements of non-Sirius properties
  3. Disposal
    • Asset disposal of non-core properties
    • Development and disposal of land
    • Asset management agreements from previously owned properties